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Texting and Drunk Driving – A Rising & Very Serious Problem

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Over the past few years, texting and driving accidents have made major headlines all across the country. However, in the past year, we are seeing more and more cases of drunk drivers who text or otherwise use their phones. The risk of causing an accident when driving under the influence and texting is very serious.

Just within the past few months, there have been at least two drunk driving deaths across the country where the driver is alleged to have been drunk and also texting.

May 2013: A Wisconsin man was arrested for allegedly driving drunk and texting when he rear ended a motorcyclist who suffered a serious head injury.

May 2013: A Pennsylvania woman was arrested for allegedly driving drunk and texting, resulting in the death of a 15 year old pedestrian.

June 2013: A Massachusetts woman was arrested for allegedly driving drunk and texting. According to a news article, she was driving on the wrong side of the road before she struck another car. Her passenger suffered serious injuries.

July 2013: A Massachusetts man was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was texting when he caused an accident. His passenger was killed.

Quite obviously, the problem of texting and drunk driving is very real. Drivers who would ordinarily refrain from texting and driving are doing so when they are drunk. The risk of causing an accident is of course, incredibly high. The problem is there is no real solution.

Many states, such as Pennsylvania, have banned texting and driving. States like New Jersey and Delaware have gone one step further and banned cell phone use when driving altogether. Someone who is intoxicated and gets behind the wheel is already breaking the law, and at that point, there is nothing which is going to prevent them from using a cell phone to send or read a text message. Unfortunately, we will only see more and more of these accident cases.


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