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Medical Malpractice Client Review

"I can't begin to tell you how well Stacey and Phil represented me. They are like family. I would endorse them 1000%."

Motorcycle Accident Review

"Stacey has represented myself, as well as a number of my customers. Everyone has been completely satisfied. I recommend him to you if you had a motorcycle accident."


Your personal injury case is important.  When choosing the best personal injury representation for your case, we recommend that you hear from prior clients. The true measure of a great attorney is how prior clients rate the attorney. See and hear from our prior clients here:

Motorcycle Accident Case

“Hi I’m John Flynn. Me and my father own Riverside Cycle Shop in Philadelphia. I’ve known Stacey Schwartz for many years, over 20 years or so. Stacey has represented me not only on personal real estate matters, he’s also represented my wife in a car accident. She was very satisfied. I was very satisfied. He also has represented family and friends and customers of the shop and everybody comes back with positive attitudes. Stacey is very thorough in all matters of the case from coming to the hospital to visit the people, to coming to the shop to look at the motorcycles, to reviewing the estimates and looking at the damage. From start to finish, he has been exemplary.”

Slip & Fall Accident Case

“My name is Erma Davis and I was a client of Stacey Schwartz. He helped me with my case. I had a bad fall and had to get legal representation. I was very pleased with his services. He was very attentative. He handled my case so well that I recommend him to my family members, friends or co-workers.  He is so kind. I feel very comfortable with Stacey.  He will be my lawyer for life.”

Motor Bike/Car Accident Case

“Hi my name is Pat. I’ve known Stacey for a couple of years. He represented my children in a bicycle accident. My kids were riding on a bike and they got hit by a truck. Not only were they defendants, but they were plaintiffs as well. He took care of both sides and told us not to worry about it. We got 1000s of letters from this other lawyer, and he kept telling me not to worry about it. Sure enough, I didn’t have to worry about it. He’s one of the best men that I know and I would recommend him to anyone. He not only cares about me, but cares about my family and calls me on a regular basis. I truly love the guy.”

Truck Accident Case

“Hi my name is Chuck. I met Stacey after I was in a pretty serious truck accident. He handled my case extremely well. He not only worried about that I was ok as a person, but he also took care of my case better than I expected. Stacey always got in touch with me and let me know what was going on throughout the whole process.  He also frequently called to see how I was doing physically. So he wasn’t just worried about the case itself, he was actually worried about me. He is definitely a genuine down to earth person and I would recommend him to anyone who needed a lawyer.”

Medical Malpractice Case

“Hi my name is Lori and I would like to talk about Phil Blackman and Stacey Schwartz. They were my attorneys. They represented me in a medical malpractice suit. It was a major case, and I can’t begin to tell you their level of experience, how well they represented me. They went from being lawyers to medical doctors. They knew my surgery inside and out, and I think that’s the reason we had such positive results, and not only that, not only do they represent you well, but they get to know you and you get to know them. And I’ve known them now over 20 years. They are like family and I would highly recommend them.  I would endorse them 1000 percent because they are just awesome.”

Hospital Medical Malpractice Case

“My name is Hector. This is about Stacey Schwartz, a great lawyer. He helped my family go through a rough situation a few years ago. My nephew was involved in a malpractice suit with a hospital where he was being taken care of. Stacey handled the whole case. Stacey was very helpful and very accommodating all the time. He made sure that he took care of my nephew and that my nephew and his family were taken care of the best way. Many years have passed and we kept in touch. I consider him as a part of my family. Stacey was so helpful throughout the entire situation. We didn’t have to chase him all the time. We were always satisfied with the responses we had from him.”

Personal Injury Case

“Hi my name is Sam Fineman and I had the opportunity to engage Stacey Schwartz for a tort claim I had several years ago. I found Stacey to be smart, responsive and accommodating and brought home a great result in the matter that I had. A lot of lawyers you call don’t respond in a timely fashion. Stacey doesn’t believe in that and calls back right away. And no matter what, whatever you need gets taken care. I also happen to be a lawyer by training. I’m not in practice, but I was impressed with the thoroughness and responsiveness Stacey and Philip Blackman exhibited in my case, so much so that I ended up referring them a very large matter very recently. I would certainly recommend Stacey and Phil to any perspective clients who have personal injury matters, because they are a very good team and get good results.”

The personal injury and accident lawyers at Schwartz & Blackman handle cases in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, including:

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