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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Law – How to Make a Claim for Medical Bills | PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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More often than not, motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries. Even the most experienced rider can find themselves in an accident situation, due to no fault of their own. Emergency care, surgeries and extensive physical therapy may be necessary, only to face a mountain of medical bills. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law is not easily navigable without legal help.

Under Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident law, motorcycle riders are not required to receive as much insurance coverage as drivers of four wheel vehicles, particularly when it comes to payment of medical bills. Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. This means that no matter whose fault an auto accident is, injured drivers make claims for medical bills under their own respective auto insurance policies – except for motorcycle riders. Under Pennsylvania law, motorcycle riders are ineligible to purchase medical benefits under an auto policy whereas drivers of four wheel vehicles are.

How to Make a Claim for Medical Bills After a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders who get into accidents can go about obtaining payment for their medical bills in one of two ways:

1. Medical Insurance (Non-Auto Insurance Policy)

Have medical providers and their billing offices submit the bills to your private health insurance, Medicare, etc. You may get a call from your insurer asking for information about whether sources of insurance coverage are available. You may also have to fill out paperwork in order to get bills processed timely.

In some situations when a motorcycle rider does not have any medical insurance, Pennsylvania Medicaid might be available. However, it is important to discuss making a claim for Medicaid with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

2. Lawsuit Against the Negligent Driver (or Other Negligent Parties)

Even if private health insurance or Medicaid paid for medical bills, you may still make a claim for medical bills as well as out of pocket expenses such as co-pays/coinsurance against the negligent party, the party who caused the accident. In general, under Pennsylvania motorcycle accident injury law, if you obtain financial compensation from the negligent party, your health insurer or Medicare/Medicaid may be entitled to reimbursement for medical bills they paid on your behalf.

If there is no insurance, private or otherwise, a claim for medical bills and any other related out of pocket expenses can be made against the negligent party.  Also, other claims for financial compensation may be made in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawsuit, such as pain and suffering and time lost from work. Click here to access my free article discussing pain and suffering damages in a PA motorcycle accident case.

Also, it is important to note that under Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law, there may be viable claims against other parties like a homeowner whose overgrown bushes prevented a driver from seeing the road clearly. However, success of these kinds of claims requires consulting with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer.

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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